Why become a partner?

Do you want to increase your corporate social responsibility? Do you want to make your team stronger by increasing its diversity? Do you want to have social impact in society? We offer several ways of partnering.Get in touch!

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Recruit students

You can support us and increase diversity in your company at the same time. Please visit our alumni platform or reach out to us if you’re looking for talented junior web developers with strong soft skills and a high sense for collaboration.

Corporate Volunteering

Your employees can contribute to our community as voluntary coaches or mentors. We’re also happy to have one of your company-ambassadors for our HackTheTalks - inspirational speeches on Sundays before class starts.

Bootcamp Partner & Financial Support

Do you have a project you’d like to explore? Would you like to give an opportunity to incredibly motivated students? We can discuss the most appropriate way for partnering.

Computer donations

Students can only develop their full potential if they have access to qualitative material to learn. Because not every student has the resources to buy a computer, we collect used computers from companies to borrow them for the duration of our program.

Why donate?

Do you want to have an impact on the empowerment of refugees? Do you believe the Belgian IT sector could benefit from more diversity? Do you want to improve chances for newcomers with limited access to education and the labor market?

We're a non-profit that relies on support from people like you. Thanks to your support we can keep our program free of charge for all of our students.

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  • €100
  • Full scholarship

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